Subject: RE: Polly Cay
Date: Thu, 10 Sep 2009 12:08:30 -0400
From:  Andrew Wells



" I think you are confusing title insurance with our opinion. Please note that we will issue an opinion on title in the form of a Report on Title at completion which basically confirms that the title is good and marketable so that in the event that you attempted to sell the property in the futuer and anyone objected to issues on the title we would be responsible to remedy and such problems. Essentially therefore we provide you with insurance on the title so that you would not encounter any difficulty in the future with selling or mortgaging the property and if you did and we could not correct the problem we would be liable to make good any loss suffered by you. We carry significant liability insurance to cover such eventualities.

I hope this clarifies the issue for you. "

Andrew G. Wells 

Graham Thompson & Co 

Yet, Dwayne E. Fernander and Adam Roberts , major partners at Graham Thompson & Co were requesting $100,000 to "defend" property title, ( it is an extortion), when victim refused to pay due to the fact that Graham Thompson & Co conducted title search with massive negligent, as they did not find dual title chain; Graham Thompson & Co rejected to defend victim in a claim of  "Conflict of Interest".   Even   though documents and contract shows responsibility and liability on their behalf. In the Bahamas Attorneys acting like is a lawlessness country!!

Chain of Property Title

Crown Grant Title - 1915

Bahamas Private island property title

George The Fifth; 

By the grace of God of The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, and of The British Dominions beyond the Seas, King, defend of the faith, Emperor of India. 

From The King to Alfred Strachan

Conveyance - 1928


Conveyance dated 8th day of September, 1928 from Alfred Strachan to Jerome Washington Knowles 

Conveyance - 1935


Conveyance dated 9th day of February, 1935 from Jerome Washington Knowles to Cyril Theophilus Knowles 

Renunciation of Dower - 1936


Renunciation of Dower dated the 9th day of February, 1935 from Vivienne Delicasse Knowles, the wife of Jerome Washington Knowles to Cyril Theophilus Knowles 

Conveyance By Way Of Assent - 2009


Conveyance By Way Of Assent dated 30 September, 2009 In the Estate of Myrtle Edna Knowles, ( deceased) to Neville Viscount Knowles 

Deed of Ackowledgement - 2009


Deed of Ackowledgement dated 16th of October 2009 from Maryann Knowles to Ocean Point Estate Ltd.

Affidavit of Denail - 2009

Graham Thompson attorney fraud , real estate scam Bahamian law firm scam waning, private island

Affidavit of Denail by Neville Viscount Knowles dated 16th of October 2009

Final Conveyance - 2009

Neville Viscount Knowles, Bahamas Real Estate fraud, real estate scam, Bahamas Suprame court fraud

Conveyance dated 16th of October 2009 from Neville Viscount Knowles to Ocean Point Estate Ltd. 

Stamp Duty

Stamp Duty Real Estate Bahamas fraud Bahamian sham Bahamian attorney scam Real estate victims

Stamp Duty paid by Ocean Point Estate LTD.  Title documents approved by Bahamian Supreme Court at each transfer, yet the property has a dual title chain. 

Andrew G. Wells

Andrew G. Wells bahamian attorney real estate fraud, real property scam Graham Thompson Co law firm

Andrew G. Wells was in charge of Polly Cay, Exuma real estate transaction and failed to conduct a proper title search. 

Judith A. Whitehead

Judith A Whitehead real estate fraud Bahamas, bahamian property title fraud , bahamas scam sham land

Managing partner at Graham Thompson & Co . Denied any wrong doing on conducting a shoddy title search and required $100K from client to correct Graham Thompson & Co negligence. 

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The Bahamas Courts love to see cases drag on into eternity while sucking the life and money out of the victims. LAND FRAUD is created by Bahamian lawyers and the corruption is managed by the attorneys/judges...facts don't lie and the truth shall come to light.

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