Opinion of Title - Polly Cay vacant land

  • Graham Thompson & Co were hired to oversee the process of purchase of Polly Cay, as well conducted title search, obtained Conveyance documents from Bahamian Supreme Court. 
  • Graham Thompson & Co's  title search confirmed to be faulty and conducted with negligence. Polly Cay in deed has a dual title chain. 
  • Graham Thompson & Co rejected any responsibility or liability, even though they had 4 years to conduct a proper title search and issued a Report On Title / Letter Of Opinion stating that the title is free and clear, as well marketable. 

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The Bahamas Courts love to see cases drag on into eternity while sucking the life and money out of the victims. LAND FRAUD is created by Bahamian lawyers and the corruption is managed by the attorneys/judges...facts don't lie and the truth shall come to light.

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