Polly Cay Bahamas, Blue Island Exuma

Polly Cay, Blue Island Bahamas, Innocence Island Bahamas fraud scam attorny

Blue Island Exuma Bahamas is situated at the southern tip of Little Exuma, only 600 yards, 2 minute’s boat ride from main land Exuma. Polly Cay is seated in the protective lagoon of its neighboring island; Blue Island, formerly known as both Innocence Island and Hog Cay. 

Neighboring Blue Island is the largest and most expensive private island in The Bahamas. However, a private island can be as luxuries, lavish, famous, largest or most expensive … it is still located in a country that is operating with over 100 years old land registry system, corruption in Government from top to bottom, a country that allows its attorneys and actually encourage them to scam US and Canadian investors systematically . 

Polly Cay is seated in the center of a lagoon, surrounded by warm turquoise crystal-clear water, hundreds of feet snow white sand bars. Polly Cay has 20 ft elevation, great beaches, and significant protection by neighboring islands and Great Bahamas Bank. At hand a natural deep water channel, which allows easy approach for large yachts to the cay, great potential for private marina.

Polly Cay also received a building permit for two single family homes, that permit is issued by The Bahamian Investment Board and under the watchful eye of the Bahamian Government.   

As one might expect of a Bahamian tropical paradise, Blue Island abounds with powdery beaches and romantic coves, mango and banana trees, and miles of trails for hiking and biking. At the heart of this 700-acre idyll—the largest private island in the Bahamas—a gleaming white six-bedroom residence rises from a hilltop that reaches 90 feet above the sea.

Blue is the only private island in the Bahamas with its own jet port, the 5,700-foot-long landing strip is built to accommodate planes up to the size of a business jet. 

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Other failed or stalled project in The Bahamas; 

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• Oceania Heights Exuma,                       status ; major fraud by attorneys 

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• Rum Cay,  New Providence , Nassau , status; land fraud / litigation 

• Baha Mar, New Providence Nassau, status ; $3.5 Billon Bankruptcy 

The Only Private Island in The Bahamas Where You Can Land Your Private Jet

The 700-Acre, $125 Million Blue Island in the Exuma might be the world's most exclusive and accessible private island 

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The Bahamas Courts love to see cases drag on into eternity while sucking the life and money out of the victims.

LAND FRAUD is created by Bahamian lawyers and the corruption is managed by the attorneys/judges...facts don't lie and the truth shall come to light.