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Emails from Andrew Wells - Graham Thompson & Co


Subject: RE: Polly Cay
Date: Thu, 10 Sep 2009 12:08:30 -0400
From:, Andrew G. Wells
To:, Eyal Waters



I confirm that a draft agreement was forwarded to me earlier this week but I have asked the Vendor's Attorney to re-send it because it was sent in a format I could not open. I will forard the email to you.

I think you are confusing title insurance with our opinion. Please note that we will issue an opinion on title in the form of a Report on Title at completion which basically confirms that the title is good and marketable so that in the event that you attempted to sell the property in the futuer and anyone objected to issues on the title we would be responsible to remedy and such problems. Essentially therefore we provide you with insurance on the title so that you would not encounter any difficulty in the future with selling or mortgaging the property and if you did and we could not correct the problem we would be liable to make good any loss suffered by you. We carry significant liability insurance to cover such eventualities.

I hope this clarifies the issue for you.



From: Eyal Ben Zvi []
Sent: Thursday, November 05, 2009 3:39 PM
To: Wells, Andrew  / Graham Thompson & Co
Subject: Ocean point Estate --- Polly Cay

Dear Andrew,

I received the report on title.

However, parts of the report contain a certificate, which did not match my expectations. In our previous conversations you did mentioned numerous times, that Ocean Point Estate will be protected by your firm in related to this purchase. Most of this certificate listing items offering protection only to Graham,Thompson & Co. and leave Ocean Point Estate Ltd vulnerable.

Andrew, I understand that this is a normal standard form, that your firm provide in such case and yet, I will highly appreciate if in this matter you will reshape this certificate and get my protection greater and unquestionable.

I will appreciate if you correct those items that mentioned in this document.

Thank you in advance.

Kind Regards,


Respond from Andrew Wells

Subject: RE: Ocean point Estate --- Polly Cay
Date: Thu, 5 Nov 2009 17:40:47 -0500
From: ( Andrew Wells )


Our Report on Title does indeed provide Ocean Point Estate with an opinion that the title to the property is good and marketable so that in the event that you tried to sell the property and you encountered any problem we will be responsible to either correct the problem or make good any loss that you may suffer subject to the qualifications in the Report. The qualifications are necessary to protect us against any matter that may affect the title that there is no way of us discovering such matter so similiarly I wonder how anyone else will discover such matters so that it will affect title to your property.


Concerned client

To: ( Andrew Wells )
Subject: RE: Ocean point Estate --- Polly Cay
Date: Thu, 5 Nov 2009 18:28:16 -0500


Ok, I am talking on the same subject that you brought up. I was convinced that in the authority and knowledge that your firm represent the conclusion of the title will be an absolute 100% unquestionable, which means after Graham, Thompson complete title search is going to be no doubt that maybe in the future some document can appear.
The main thing that bothers me; this certificate stating that Graham,Thompson not responsible in many variations.

and yet, the whole purpose of this certificate, if such a claim or document will emerge , that will be the firm responsibility to correct and protect Ocean Point Estate, otherwise what we did here..

Andrew, you reassure me, in the past that if my title will be challenged by anybody , I am covered by your firm.


Email from Bahamian blackmailer

Bahamas real estate fraud Bahamians Corrupted Attorneys From: silhouette silhouette 

To: Pavilions of Splendour International 

Sent: Tuesday, June 26, 2012 7:24 PM 

Subject: Polly Cay, Exuma Bahamas 

Dear Sir/Madam

This is my second attempt to contact your company in reference to the above property. Through research, it has been noticed that 

Polly Cay is listed through your company for sale. I am informing you that I am the rightful owner and do have claim to this property. 

I am asking if you can kindly inform me of the person(s) that do have this property for sale so I can contact them formerly. If there is 

no reply to this matter legal action would be taken.

Thank you for your consideration towards this matter.

Iva Dean-Strachan Bahamians Corrupted Attorney Graham Thompson & com Fraud

Email to Andrew Wells - Addressing problem

From: Eyal Ben Zvi []
Sent: Wednesday, June 27, 2012 09:46 AM
To: Wells, Andrew
Subject: FW: Polly Cay, Exuma Bahamas

Hi Andrew,
I hope all is good by you.
As you can see email below , this lady might contact you.
Please let me know the outcome.
For reference, I got numerous disturbing emails from this person and I really do hope that it will turn to be a claim with no base.
In the past I did received similar emails from other people .
Andrew on a different note, even though is on the market , yet, in two months I am done with my project and will leave the ship that I am commending on in Europe.
I am tending to come back and continue full steam ahead with the project on Polly Cay.
We will meet in the near future.
I will look forward to your replay,
Kind Regards,

Andrew Wells

Subject: Re: Polly Cay, Exuma Bahamas
Date: Thu, 28 Jun 2012 08:40:22 +0000


As far as I am concerned and as far as I am aware there is no basis for this person's claim. It is not uncommon someone will make an unvalidated claim but in any event we are responsible to deal with any title issues that may arise that affects the title that we did not tell you about.

I am on holiday but will be happy to talk to you about any issue when I am back after 16 July.

Kind regards,


Well, apparently it's Not the case.                                                                                                                                                   

Mr. Andrew G. Wells, Graham Thompson & Co fraud his own client.                                                            


Did Graham Thompson & CO. hid $14M from their CLIENT?


Did a local Bank and Graham Thompson and CO. hid $14M from the daughter of a deceased woman?

In a case  that reads “straight out of a Hollywood script — or at  least a  second-rate mystery novel,” according to one Washington judge,  two  Bahamas-based companies are seeking dismissal of lawsuit that  accuses  them of conspiring to hide a $14 million offshore bank account.

Tonya  Day, a Las Vegas resident, filed suit in August 2010 in U.S.  District  Court for the District of Columbia against The Cornèr Bank  (Overseas)  Ltd. and law firm Graham Thompson. Day claimed that her  mother, shortly  before she died in a car accident, spoke of a $14  million account at a  “corner bank” and noted that account numbers were  printed on a sticker  on the back of a painting in her possession.

Graham Thompson filed a  motion to dismiss (PDF) yesterday and Cornèr Bank filed its  motion to dismiss (PDF) today. Both companies argue that there is no jurisdiction for the case to proceed in Washington.

In a previous  ruling (PDF) earlier this month denying a motion to dismiss based on how the   complaint was served and a motion for sanctions, Chief Judge Royce   Lambert wrote that Day’s  complaint (PDF) “details a sordid affair straight out of a Hollywood script—or at least a second-rate mystery novel.”

Read more here


Bahamas Business2004-02-11 10:28:18 

Graham, Thompson & Co Mentioned In Financial Fraud Scheme

The  US district court in Washington is seeking the forfeiture of property  at a Crooked Island subdivision, alleging that the chief architect of a  $90 million investment fraud bought it with $175,000 derived from his  crimes. Court papers alleged that Lot 31 in the Sea Horse Shores  subdivision was bought by Kevin Lawrence, a man who has been sentenced  to 20 years in US prison for masterminding a fraudulent investment  scheme that defrauded some $5000 investors out of $90 million.The  lawsuit alleged that the funds raised to purchase the property were  wired from US bank accounts controlled by Lawrence and his associates to  an account at Scotiabank's main Nassau branch. It claims the Bahamian  account was in the name Graham, Thompson & Co. Read more  

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