Corrupted attorneys

Peter D. Graham


Founder of Graham Thompson & Co, leader and advisor of the firm in the last 50 years, hence   

possessing information of his firm's Financial Fraud doings, as well hiding $14M from clients and aware of real estate scams his firm conducting in a systematic fashion. 

Graham Thompson & Co



Judith A. Whitehead

Judith Whitehead , Bahamas real estate fraud , scam bahmas , graham Thompson law firm legal scam

Fraud her client in $700,000 Real Estate scam, Dismiss any responsibility and liability of a vacant land with multiple title. assured on written and signed documents by her law firm like is No consequence in the Bahamas.  

Managing Partner

Graham Thompson & Co 



Dana C. Wells

Dana C. Wells, Bahamas land fraud, Bahamian property scam, Attorney sham Bahamas  real estate fraud

Allowing his law firm to function above the law without consideration to clients. 

He is a real estate expert in areas of sales, conveyancing, TITLE OPINION, title insurance, yet his firm created a real estate tile scam

Senior Partners 

Graham Thompson & Co


Robert K. Adams

Robert K. Adams, Bahamas real Estate fraud , Bahamian property scam, Graham Thompson scam corrupt

Involved in property sale with dual  title chain, their client funnel $700,000 to his law firm, just to discover later they were purchasing property with fraudulent title. 

Request $100,000 to fix problem his law firm created intentionally,  EXTORTION!

Partner - Litigation 

Graham Thompson & Co


Andrew G. Wells

Andrew G. Wells , bahamian scam attorney, graham Thompson fraud, real estate Bahamas property scam

Orchestrate the sale of property with a dual title chain. Coordinate with the "seller" party the Theft of $700,000  Assuring to his client on countless documents responsibility, liability, and full assurance                                               

Partner - Real Estate Expert

Graham Thompson & Co


Sir Michael L. Barnett

Sir Michael L. Barnett Graham Thompson & Co Nassau Bahamas real estate fraud land scam attorney sche


Sir Michael was previously the Chief Justice of The Bahamas from August 2009 to January 2015, shortly after he joined Graham Thompson & Co,  and studied the title documents and law suit filed against owner of Polly Cay Bahamas, hence know about the fraud and extortion Graham Thompson & Co exploit toward their client. Is Graham Thompson & Co using their connections to get away with frauding their clients?

On March 1, 2019,  Sir Michael Barnett, Sworn In as Justice of the Court of Appeal  for the Bahamas Court. 

Seriously, you can't make this up!!

Dwayne E. Fernander

Dwayne E. Fernander Bahamas attorney fraud scheme scam vacant land Graham Thompson Co property fraud

 He is a Partner in the Litigation and Dispute Resolution Group, he is also presented his client with an extortion of $100K to correct his firm negligent and "fix" the title issue his firm created. 

Litigation - Partner

Graham Thompson & Co


Sean McWeeney, QC

Sean McWeeney, QC, Bahamas attorney fraud, Graham Thompson scam, property fraud Bahamas land title

A former Attorney-General of The Bahamas, he is also one of Her Majesty’s Counsel (QC) and as such a member of the Inner Bar of The Bahamas, yet as partner at the firm he is fully aware of devious scamming manner of handling clients. 

Partner - International Law

Graham Thompson & Co


Anthony A. Thompson

Anthony Thompson scam Attorney Bahamas, Bahamas investment scam land property fraud scheme investor

Attorney Anthony Thompson scammed 39 US and Canadian investors at Oceania Heights  Exuma, stole their money and sold same properties multiple times. Received 6 months suspension. 

( In many countries he would be jailed) 

Anthony Thompson & Co


Bradley M. Knowles

Bradley M. Knowles Bahamas attorney property fraud Bahamian real estate scam title dispute

Involved in the scam of a property sale with dual title chain 


Dupuch & Turnquest & Co. 

Involved in property sale with dual title chain 


Pleasant M. Bridgewater

Bridgewater & Co Pleasent Bridgewater bahamian attorney Old bahama bay Condo fraud , John Travolta

Bridgewater & Co. failed to utilize the funds she had received in paying the stamp duty to the Public Treasury, jeopardizing the Old Bahamas Bay Condo owners’ priority of title to the properties.

Also, she attempted a $25M extortion relating to John Travolta son's death. All that while she was a Senator and Member of The House of Assembly Bahamas 

Bridgewater & Co. 

Read more here

Partner in Hubert Ingraham’s Law Firm Charged with Embezzlement – $280,000 vanishes from client account


The law firm of the former Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham is alleged to be responsible for the disappearance into thin air of the funds of a client’s account in the amount of Two hundred and eighty thousand dollars $280,000.

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Judy Whitehead WARNING

Judy Whitehead, fraud Graham Thompson Co Bahamas attorney firm committing real estate title fraud

WARNING  !!     Lyford Cay,    Bahamas Office

Lyford Cay Drive
P. O. Box N-272
   Lyford Cay, Nassau, Bahamas  

T 1-242-362-4020
F +1-242-362-4810

Judy Whitehead


Please read all details on this website. 

Judy Whitehead , managing partner attorney in Graham Thompson Co law firm is allowing and directing her team to fraud American clients, due to easy hide of Bahamian jurisdiction. 

Graham Thompson Co, Bahamas 

Judith A Whitehead


Graham Thompson Attorneys  



Read all details before hiring her firm.

Did a local Bank and Graham Thompson and CO. hid $14M from the daughter of a deceased woman?

In a case  that reads “straight out of a Hollywood script — or at  least a  second-rate mystery novel,” according to one Washington judge,  two  Bahamas-based companies are seeking dismissal of lawsuit that  accuses  them of conspiring to hide a $14 million offshore bank account.

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  Bahamas Business2004-02-11 10:28:18 

Graham, Thompson & Co Mentioned In Financial Fraud Scheme

The US district court in Washington is seeking the forfeiture of property at a Crooked Island subdivision, alleging that the chief architect of a $90 million investment fraud bought it with $175,000 derived from his crimes. Court papers alleged that Lot 31 in the Sea Horse Shores subdivision was bought by Kevin Lawrence, a man who has been sentenced to 20 years in US prison for masterminding a fraudulent investment scheme that defrauded some $5000 investors out of $90 million.The lawsuit alleged that the funds raised to purchase the property were wired from US bank accounts controlled by Lawrence and his associates to an account at Scotiabank's main Nassau branch. It claims the Bahamian account was in the name Graham, Thompson & Co. Read more  

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The Bahamas Courts love to see cases drag on into eternity while sucking the life and money out of the victims.

LAND FRAUD is created by Bahamian lawyers and the corruption is managed by the attorneys/judges...facts don't lie and the truth shall come to light.