Every nation has corrupt attorneys’, The law of the land and the Bar Association is there to have them in check.

In The Bahamas corruption IS the Bar Association and the legal system. 

Bahamas bar association- impotent

76 Complaints Made To Bar Association's Ethics Committee In 2017



THE BAHAMAS Bar Association's Ethics Committee received close to 80 complaints in 2017, it's president said Friday, with just 12 per cent of that total currently settled and/or closed. 

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'Outrage' Over Punishment For Oceania Lawyer

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Oceania Heights victims were "depressed" after learning the Tribunal elected to suspend attorney Anthony Thompson for six months, and require him to pay the Bar $750 in costs, over claims he failed to use their monies to pay Stamp Duty as required.

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Anthony Thompson is senior member of Bar Association

Bahamas law corrupt attorney rip off investors fraud real estate scam


The Bahamas Bar Association's Disciplinary Tribunal  found that Anthony Thompson's service to Canadian couple, Chris and Jane Bain, fell far below acceptable standard after he failed to inform them he was representing both parties to the deal.

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US Govt Blasts Bar Association


The US government has criticised the Bahamas Bar Association for failing to pursue complaints about the conduct of member attorneys, disclosing that several of its citizens had suffered " significant losses" on flawed real estate deals.

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Legal Bid To Jail Bar President

Elsworth Johnson Bahamas real estate fraud scam Bahamas land title fraud investors

JUST months after taking up the post of Bahamas Bar Association president, Elsworth Johnson is facing an attempt by one of its members to have him committed to prison for contempt.
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Us Man 'Appalled' Over Handling Of Complaint Against Lawyer

Bahamas Bar Association land real estate fraud investment scam Bahamas

The Ethics Committee is responsible for handling complaints made against any member of the BBA. 

AN AMERICAN is appalled that there has been no resolution to his complaint against a Bahamian lawyer in 2003 concerning alleged embezzling of $20,000 that stemmed from a mortgage dispute with a bank.

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Corruption in The Bahamas

US report names Bahamas as money laundering jurisdiction


THE Bahamas was listed among major international money laundering jurisdictions in 2018, a newly released United States Department of State report said, highlighting sources of laundered proceeds included firearms trafficking, human smuggling and tax fraud. Read more here; https://anticorruptiondigest.com/2019/04/04/us-report-names-bahamas-as-money-laundering-jurisdiction/#axzz5ykfX2cBO

That $500 million corruption issue in The Bahamas


There can, however, be losses to an economy because of corruption, such as when local or international business people decide not to do business because there is too much corruption. 


Consider This | The many faces of corruption, pt. 1


Corruption ;  a dishonest or illegal behavior, especially by powerful people (such as government officials) or an inducement to wrong by improper or unlawful means (such as bribery) the corruption of government officials.


Bahamas ‘Stagnates’ In War On Corruption


The Bahamian public’s perception of corruption levels, he added, suggested it was not under control. “We still have reports of corrupt activity in certain ministries,” Mr Campbell said. “Corruption is still talked about a lot by the public. It’s still a concern for the public.”


Corruption And Fraud Is The Bahamian Way Of Life'


"One of the problems that we have in The Bahamas is that we don't prosecute fraudsters. People do things and we just fire them and ask them to pay the money back. They end up getting another job and do the same thing over again," said Mr Bain.


How did we get to this place of Crime & Corruption in The Bahamas?


The Bahamas allowed drug dealers to walk free, murderers to walk free, judges to fly on islands with defense attorneys to cut deals. And incarcerated illegal Cubans walked right out the front doors of the Her Majesty’s Prison. After years where police officers were known to be protectors of the drug trade and Defense Force officers known as facilitators of the drug smugglers and gun runners.


Bahamas In ‘Catch Up On Land Conveyancing'

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“We have many overlapping claims relating to land where you have several people claiming to own the same piece of land,” she said. “We have uncertainty regarding ownership of land, and the hot topic right now is what the Privy Council recently raised and the fact that land in the Bahamas is often stolen.”
The London-based Privy Council recently reiterated concerns that the Bahamas’ Quieting Titles Act can be used to steal land, saying it was “no accident” that it has heard numerous title disputes from this nation. Read more here

Senior Attorney Guilty Of 'Gross Misconduct'

Anthony Thmpson scam Attorney Bahamas, bahamas investment scam land property fraud

The Bahamas Bar Association’s Disciplinary Tribunal found that Anthony Thompson’s service to Canadian couple, Chris and Jane Bain, fell “far below acceptable standard” after he failed to inform them he was representing both parties to the deal.

Conflict of interest? Apparently , not in The Bahamas.....Read more here 

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The Bahamas Courts love to see cases drag on into eternity while sucking the life and money out of the victims. LAND FRAUD is created by Bahamian lawyers and the corruption is managed by the attorneys/judges...facts don't lie and the truth shall come to light.

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