$100k " request" from client to correct thier own negligent


Iva Priscilla Dean vs. Ocean Point Estates Limited / Polly Cay

We declined the $100K “request” which triggered a claim by Graham Thompson & Co as “Conflict of Interest”. Graham Thompson & Co FAILD to conduct a proper title search at the time of purchase. (or they preferred not to find title issues…. in prospect of future income of $100K or more) 

Yet, they issued an “Opinion on Title” which clearly states; Good and Marketable Title and confirmed on emails the following ( see emails below 2009 /2014)  

Graham Thompson & Co is seating in Bahamian jurisdiction, they operating as an untouchable like many other Bahamian law firms. The Bahamian Government promoting such practice.   

From: "Fernander, Dwayne" <def@gtclaw.com>
Date: Dec 30, 2014 6:06 PM
Subject: FW: Iva Priscilla Dean v Ocean Point Estates Limited
To: "pkogan@koganprober.com" <pkogan@koganprober.com>
Cc: "Adams, Robert" <rka@gtclaw.com>, "Wells, Andrew" <agw@gtclaw.com>, "Whitehead, Judy" <jaw@gtclaw.com>


Dear Mr. Kogan,

This email follows our teleconference (Kogan/ Adams, Fernander) earlier this afternoon with you concerning the matter. Attached is a draft Defence on behalf of Ocean Point Estates Limited for your review and comments. 

As discussed with you, the deadline for filing the Defence is tomorrow. We reached out to the Plaintiff’s Attorneys to obtain an extension of time for filing to next week but were unsuccessful. Therefore, we would be grateful if we could receive your feedback on the draft Defence by 10:00 tomorrow so that we could finalise it and have the same filed and served on the Plaintiff’s Attorneys tomorrow to avoid a default judgment being entered against the company.  

Also, as discussed, we confirm that our budget for the conduct of the matter is as follows:

1st Phase

Attending to all preliminary matters and to making a striking out application, $25,000.00


2nd Phase

In the event the Court declines to strike out the matter, fees for trial preparation and attending trial are likely to be in the region of $75,000.00. However, should we have to engage the services of a handwriting expert fees are likely to increase to $100,000.  

We look forward to hearing from you tomorrow.

Kind regards,



Dwayne E. Fernander
T: 242-351-7474 ext: 242

Star General Insurance Building
2nd Floor  
P O Box F-42451
Freeport, Grand Bahama



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Subject: RE: Polly Cay
Date: Thu, 10 Sep 2009 12:08:30 -0400

From: agw@gtclaw.com, Andrew G. Wells
To: sassonbz@hotmail.com,  Eyal Waters

Our Report on Title does indeed provide Ocean Point Estate with an opinion that the title to the property is good and marketable so that in the event that you tried to sell the property and you encountered any problem we will be responsible to either correct the problem or make good any loss that you may suffer subject to the qualifications in the Report. The qualifications are necessary to protect us against any matter that may affect the title that there is no way of us discovering such matter so similiarly I wonder how anyone else will discover such matters so that it will affect title to your property.
Andrew G. Wells 

Graham Thompson & Co 


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